mojoPortal Custom Feature Development

mojoPortal Custom Features

mojoPortal makes an excellent foundation for your custom business application. One of its great strengths is the way it can be extended through the creation of custom features using Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET toolset. Once built, you can then use and manage these custom features through the standard content management capabilities of mojoPortal, giving you the flexibility to customise and extend your application to respond to the changing demands of your business.

Why use a custom feature?

The standard features of mojoPortal already provide an excellent toolset to create compelling websites. Using the power of the standard XML feature, for example, gives you some great ways to present your business information. If you use the Form Wizard Pro from the mojoPortal store, you can also capture information from users of your site. Couple this with some innovative system automation and you can use these facilities to interact with your internal business systems, albeit in a "disconnected" manner.

However, implementing the right custom features can give you real-time, two-way interaction with your back office business systems, providing a “joined up” facility from your web application through to your internal systems. This typically gives users of your site a better experience, improving their satisfaction and productivity. It can also streamline your internal processes, giving you potential savings, improving your productivity and responsiveness.

What can a custom feature do?

As with any custom software development, what a custom feature can do for you is almost only limited by your imagination and your budget. Whether, for example, it's allowing your clients to setup and monitor their transactions easily or providing access to technical or financial "what if" scenarios driven by your internal algorithms, our software development team has the skills and track record to help. You will have the advantage of our in-house .NET and database development expertise to integrate your ideas into features unique to your business.

One of the great benefits of using mojoPortal as a foundation for your custom features is that it provides a proven framework that does not need to be re-implemented. This means that your development investment focuses on the features that are specific to your business – which can drastically reduce the budgets needed.

At Aspen Software we like to use the same tools we recommend to our clients and we run our business using a suite of applications driven by mojoPortal supplemented by our own custom features. We know from experience that this provides real value.

To find whether you could benefit from using custom features in your mojoPortal solution, please contact us for a friendly, no-obligation telephone consultation.