How it Works

The success of any custom software development centres on good communication and really understanding what the software needs to do for the business.  We have a proven, iterative staged approach to development that helps this by giving you early sight to elements of your system so that everyone involved understands what is being produced.

Our services cover all aspects of the development for you, including:

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • System Building
  • System Integration
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support & Extended Warranty

To help provide a unique cost effective solution, we will also use our Aspen Software Building Blocks (ASb2), which form the foundation for many of the successful custom developments we have produced.

This software component library, developed by us, provides support for a range of business applications and process frameworks. These core components can be effectively assembled and tailored to provide solutions that exactly match your organisation's requirements.

Our components are built using Microsoft® Visual Studio technology coupled with industry standard SQL data management tools, ensuring a robust solution that reliably manages your business information. Principal Business Building Blocks include:

  • Contact Management - Forming the heart of a customer relationship management system - a multi-level, business to business directory that reflects the real world relationships with your customers, suppliers and other business contacts.
  • Stock Management - A core set of functions for the basic management of a variety of stock related activities.
  • Process Wizards - A unique tool to allow the rapid production of visually compelling and easy to use 'wizards' that guide users through business and operational processes.
  • Data Selection - Modules to allow user-friendly production of complex database search clauses for use against SQL databases. They allow rapid default selection, flexible alternative selection and storage of searches for future reuse.
  • Look-up Lists - A robust set of tools for the intuitive management of business reference information.
  • DIY Reporting - An easy to use reporting tool to allow the ad-hoc retrieval and printing of data held within the tailored solution.
  • Extensible Reporting - Seamless integration of user produced reports from FastReport® and SAP Crystal Reports™ into a solution at any time.
  • Multilingual Support - Where solutions need to support users with differing national languages, the multilingual support tool set allows user instructions and messages to be in their preferred language.
  • Access Security - Routines to flexibly control what aspects of a tailored solution individual users may have access to and what information they can see and change.
  • Automation - Programs to allow the easy automation of report production, communication, administration and housekeeping routines, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership of the solution.
  • Data Administration - Robust data housekeeping routines to ensure the on-going integrity of your business information.

Through the use of Business Building Blocks, more of the investment in your software solution is directed to the parts that are unique to your business - increasing your benefit and your competitive edge.  To find out how this can work for you, please contact us.