Bespoke Software Development

IT Development - Custom Software

To be successful, any custom software development must deliver tangible benefits to your business. If off-the-shelf software is already available that can meet those needs then we would recommend its use. However, we frequently see situations where packaged software does not exist to address a business problem yet a custom development, using the most appropriate tools for the job, can be justified on the gains that it will bring to your business.

The software solutions we deliver depend on the nature of the problem being addressed. Broadly, this covers:

  • Web applications - where the service is delivered internally or externally and runs in a web browser
  • PC applications - where a program is developed to be installed on individual or networked PCs

Usually, all but the simplest solutions, will involve some form of database to manage the information associated with the process.

Another area where our clients have benefited from our development services is in the provision of “white label” solutions – where we produce the software for them and they market it with their own brand identity.

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