Web Application Development

Web Applications

A well-built web application will enhance the service you give to your customers by enabling them to interact directly with your business systems from their PCs, tablets and smartphones. A well designed application will allow customers to enter information securely into your systems and allow you to control the information available to them. This allows you to operate more efficiently and your customers feel more empowered and closer to your business.

As well as providing customer interaction, web applications can make a great framework for your internal business operations. Running within your local network or securely accessed from private web servers they can give you and your team access to the processes and data needed for your day to day business.

We delivered our first database driven web application in 1997 and have been active in this area ever since. As internet standards and the supporting tools have evolved, the use of compelling and highly capable web applications is no longer restricted to businesses with large IT budgets. A judicious choice of software tools and server platforms means we can reduce development and operational costs dramatically, making projects affordable for smaller businesses. Our use of mojoPortal and SharePoint for different developments confirms this and has helped our clients significantly.

To find out if a web application can help your business, please contact us for a friendly, no-obligation telephone consultation.