A trusted IT partner

IT Consultancy – practical advice and great ideas

Our consultancy services are designed to help you pinpoint areas of your business where IT can bring real benefits.  You know your business and we know how IT can be successfully applied to a business. 

Whatever the assignment, the partners of Aspen Software work with you to understand your goals, processes and problems.  We then draw on our extensive practical experience to provide well thought out advice and recommendations.  We have a great track record of innovation and have frequently used this to resolve problems that may appear insoluble.

Communication is a key part of all consultancy assignments – we recognise this and pay great attention to ensuring our reports are jargon free and understandable.  Equally, when it is needed, we can communicate at a highly technical level for an IT audience.

We understand too that bringing change to a business can be challenging and yet needed for its on-going success. The recommendations we make are realistic and reflect this – if we believe there are answers to particular problems we will let you know – equally, we will not make recommendations based solely on the latest IT hype that may not deliver any benefit.  We also have the background and expertise to ensure that the financial implications of our recommendations are sound.

To find out how we can help, please contact us to discuss what you would like to achieve.