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IT Support

The Aspen Advantage IT Support has been designed specifically for small businesses that rely on a mix of Microsoft products: desktop, server or “cloud based”. This highly customisable package includes:

  • Onsite IT Setup & Support
  • Helpdesk Services
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • IT Audit
  • IT Supplier Liaison
  • Project Services
  • Proactive Review

On a day to day basis, you and your staff will have specialists to call for help with IT related matters.  Behind the scenes, our monitoring systems can automatically check your systems, alerting us to potential problems before they impact on your business.

We will have worked with you to understand how IT fits within your business, producing a practical IT Operations Manual, which helps us respond effectively to your support requests and gives you a valuable business asset.

You can also call on our extensive experience of dealing with IT supply organisations at all levels to provide IT liaison.  Our project services are also there to help with major changes that can drive your business forward, such as moving to “cloud based” services, introducing new systems, office relocation etc – all areas we know well.

All of this, coupled with regular proactive reviews will ensure that your IT investment continues to support and enhance your business operations. 

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